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44 Gallon drum stove & Fire wood update

February 3, 2011

Just a quick post to keep up to date with this project.

The 44 gallon drum stove is progressing following testing late last year on a cooler evening. (hard to imagine using the stove at the moment, the temperature has been over 30’c for the past week or more)

The cute little chinamans hat has been fixed with rivets instead of solder to hold it all together.

Stove with more inlet holes and repaired flue hat

I have also drilled many extra holes in the door panels which will aide air flow. I also plan to make the flue entry hole in the firebox a little larger, and open up the top of the flue by removing the small holes and making a single large exit port, under the repaired hat.

A source for high temperature specialized fire sealant has been found ( and ordered, so this should allow for the stove to be sealed from the firebox and made into a pizza oven! (sealant tested to 1400’c!)

The firewood pile has also grown in both capacity and actual holdings. It is nearing capacity again, so another extension may be called for?

Woodpile grows

Woodpile nearly full

More later… Brian.

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