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Wood burning stove from 44 gallon drum

September 6, 2010

Where did this project come from?
I’ve had an idea for a wood burner stove from a drum for some time now but never seemed to come across a suitable drum. Until, that is, the other week when I was visiting the local tip recycling shop.
I think I was looking for some other stuff, but saw this 44 drum and just had to get it.
Plans are now extending over three pages of sketches.

Sketch plans

More sketches

On taking it home i realised it used to contain Methanol. Which meant that cutting into it with the angle grinder was going to be a little more involved than I had anticipated.
It had a fixed lid and base, with only small caps. There was sure to be significant fumes in there, ready to go “pop” on contact with some grinding sparks! The internet proved to be a mine of information, and the advice of several tradesman type friends backed up the general approach. The official workplace safety guidelines say, simply, don’t! The common advice was, just be sensible and careful. Here’s my procedure for cutting off the base, while keeping it in tact to fit into the drum as a shelf to act as the top of the fire box, bottom of the oven space.

Base off, showing sand used to restrict water exit when cutting

Open the caps and vent the drum for a week. Wash out with detergent and water. Place several inches of sand in the bottom. Fill completely with water, shaking and wobbling to eliminate any stubborn fumes. Grind off the rolled bead at the base, by cutting through the side lip, but not into the drum internals. Siphon the water out. Tap out the base using a pole, through the filler cap hole. Presto, base cut out, but to be later pushed back into the drum, with an interference fit, and up to act as the top of the fire box, bottom of the oven.

Drum with base off

From here the drum was marked up and the doors cut out.

Marked up drum

First door cut out – this will be the ashpan. Upside down here!

More steps to come over the next few weeks. I might be finished by summer!
Meanwhile, the wood collection has begun. Gathering fallen timber from local urban forests and parks is now our weekend and afternoon activity. I long for a chainsaw!

Wood pile beginnings


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