44 Gallon Drum Stove, now a pizza oven!

First pizzas from the drum oven this weekend!

The pizza bread is made from home bake, gluten free mix and needed to be toasted lightly on top to allow the toppings to be spread on.

still a bit smokey

I re-sealed the flue with more fire cement where the first attempt had failed due to getting too wet before curing, then oven was lit and the fire let burn for a short time. Once it was steady, but still a little smokey, the first pizza went in. Garlic and cheese thick base.

It came out perfectly! Yum.

Cheese & Garlic, the first pizza

The next two worked well, although I nearly burnt the bottom of the big one. Would a pizza stone or fire brick help to distribute the direct heat from the fire box? Probably.

Ready to eat?

Good fun and tasty pizzas.

family feast!

Then a big log on the fire and sit down to watch the bush telly.

big log makes good viewing


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4 Responses to “44 Gallon Drum Stove, now a pizza oven!”

  1. countrywoodsmoke Says:

    nice pizza oven, i too built a wood fired oven out of an oil drum

  2. luxgraphicus Says:

    Thanks Marcus. Do you have pics of it? I looked quickly at your blog but couldn’t find anything. Brian.

  3. countrywoodsmoke Says:

    Hi Brian,
    the pizza oven in the blog is made from half an oil drum that i covered in various layers of insulation to trap the heat, have you thought about adding any insulation to your oven, would be awesome built into a feature wall, I also built a bbq smoke out of a drum you can see in the background

  4. luxgraphicus Says:

    Cool. Yes, I want to add thermal mass by putting refactory bricks into the oven and fire box spaces. This should help keep the temp in the oven more consistent, and hold it for longer.
    I like being able to move the oven if it gets in the way, but yes, it would be good built into a wall if we had an appropriate spot for it.
    Keep cooking!

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