Stove from 44 Gallon Drum #6

Small finishing tasks now left to do on the stove project.

grate in place and ashpan supports visible

The cross pieces are in place for the grate and ashpan, and the door latches have been installed with the doors.

door latches and handles

I turned up some wooden handles from an old pick handle and tapped them to receive a brass screw through the door latch.

door latch detail

Jobs left to do are to cut and paint side pieces for the grate, notch the flue to sit securely on the grate and seal the flue into place at the firebox roof/oven floor.

looking mostly finished from the outside now

I’ll then run a test fire to see how things work and to burn off any paint in heat sensitive areas before a final coat of pot belly black to make it all look nice!

More soon…


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