Solar Hot Water Installation

The house was more than busy yesterday. As well as the 7 kids on school holiday camp-out at our place, we had three plumbers and an electrician all competing for driveway and backyard space.

The solar hot water was up and in-place and working, mostly, by early afternoon.

It’s like the Monier roofing ad now, I walk out in to the backyard and have to look up to the roof and check out the PV system, then walk around the clothes line and look up to the HWS collectors.

30 evacuated tube collectors

There is still a timer for the electric booster on the tank, which will be installed next week. Til then we can turn it on or off manually at the switch board, or just let it decide for itself, which could mean inefficient use of the booster. I don’t mind putting up with this after several days of no hot water at all however.

I'm sure that wiring will get a tidy up soon!

I think I will make a screen enclosure to go around the tank and hide all those pipes and wires from view, and small curious fingers. The wires will probably get my cable tie and wrap attention soon too.

Seemed like the old electric tank knew we were getting rid of it and decided to go out in style. Finally giving up the ghost while we we were away camping for the weekend, and emptying it’s contents through the floor, creating a mud field under the house!


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